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For those of you who have never dated a thai girl and even those that have you'll like the following.

I must have had over 300 first dates with Thai girls I either met off the internet or in person through friends and rarely do I ever go on a date with a girl I met at a nightclub or bar in Thailand (mostly cause of bad experiences).

A few months ago I bought the Samsung S4 and I must say the smartphone thing makes travelling easier.

Directions and booking hotels checking email it's fine.

"If I wax my legs it'll hurt" or "If I wax or shave my legs it'll grow back thicker".

Watching a movie or banging out a long email the phone just doesn't cut it.

I added another device on here because I'm looking for a hybrid tablet / laptop notebook.

I don't want something too but I need something with a touch screen.

And she turns out be a human version of Free Willy that makes the ground move everytime SHE moves.someone who’s SO boring that she creates instant narcolepsia because people keep randomly falling asleep around her.

He denied a further two charges of indecent assault against a woman, involving allegations that he inappropriately touched her between 19, and between 19.