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To find my style and make my own music and connect with my roots and be in a place where I felt like I was at home.” Prima co-wrote most of “Starting Something” with her husband, Tim Fahey, who also plays bass, and local singer Ingrid Lucia. She, her mother and her younger brother Louis Prima Jr.Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, she recorded it with a band of veteran local musicians. lived at various times in Vegas, a New Orleans apartment in what was then the Park Esplanade (and is now The Esplanade at City Park), and a house at Prima’s Pretty Acres golf course in Covington.Co-creator Alan Yang told us about “New York, I Love You,” in which the camera leaves Dev (Ansari) and his friends to check in with New York’s other denizens.Finally, Lena Waithe broke down the episode she co-wrote, which follows a series of Thanksgivings over the course of her character Denise’s life.

“The episode’s really special to us because I really feel like it captures some of our real life friendship as well,” he says.

Singer Lena Prima, daughter of famed entertainer Louis Prima, has released 'Starting Something,' her first album since she moved to New Orleans in late 2011. For most of her adult life, Lena Prima lived in Las Vegas, where her famous father, Louis Prima, presided over the golden age of the Vegas lounge. But she had spent chunks of her childhood and early adolescence in and around New Orleans, the city where her father was born and raised, and is now buried.

She'll celebrate the new album with a show at the Cafe Istanbul Performance Theater on St. In 2011, she realized that New Orleans was where she needed to be. After settling in, she finally felt comfortable enough to make “Starting Something,” a record that felt natural to her.

creator Lena Dunham has received criticism from all sides.

Detractors on the right see her as an exhibitionist provocateur.