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This spring, ospreys on Hog Island, Maine, are breaking the monotony – and monogamy – of a typical mating season.About 90 percent of osprey pairs stay together from one year to the next.After winging their way north from tropical winter homes, ospreys are making a return to their favorite spots in the northern U. (Ospreys are the only North American raptor that depend on a diet of fish and have the ability to dive into water to catch them.) After the eggs hatch, the parents will feed and brood the chicks, protecting them from extreme weather and predators. Usually, ospreys settle into the same nest from the previous year to raise the next generation. The female does most of the incubation while the male delivers fresh fish — after making some spectacular dives to catch dinner.NEWARK — More than half the nearly 410,000 people deported from the United States last year were booted out because of a criminal conviction. He never anticipated anything like this," Feinstein said.Now, the husband of "Real Housewives" star Teresa Giudice faces the real possibility of being one of them. If convicted, that could lead to a one-way ticket out of the country, even after any possible prison sentence. Under the law, legal permanent residents face possible "removal proceedings" if convicted either of a crime immigration authorities consider an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude — usually after they complete their prison or jail terms.Wife Live Cams is hands down the best live webcam site for real housewives getting very naughty, while their husbands are away at work.

"If you commit a crime that qualifies for an aggravated felony, that has the most serious immigration consequences of all, and make it very hard, if not impossible, to get any relief from deportation," she said.Facing 10 years in prison, he was ultimately sentenced to 30 days in the county jail.After his release, federal authorities declined to initiate removal proceedings against him.It is too early to know how the events of this week will play out, but one thing for certain is that the live cameras are giving us an opportunity to witness details of osprey family life rarely seen before.” In Rachel and Steve’s nest, it’s a female — who viewers have nicknamed Trudy, short for Intruder (pictured at right) — who moved in, chased off Rachel for several days and mated with Steve.“If Rachel, the established female from 2012, stays away, Trudy will probably settle in,” says Kress, who is Audubon vice president for bird conservation and director of Project Puffin.