Rani mukherjee dating aditya chopra

While my interest level in their nuptials is dismally low, I can’t help but be revolted by the reaction of fans across the country.

While some are ecstatic, others feel she could have done better.

They are staying in a 6-BHK, fully furnished, luxury apartment in central Paris which is walking distance from most attractions in Paris such as the Louvre, Galeries Lafayette, Les Halles, etc.

It is surrounded by many bars, restaurants, museums and theatres and is ideal for families with fully-equipped kitchen for cooking.

Criticism of an actor’s work is certainly justified; as the audience, we have the power to either break or make an artist’s career.

We have the right to demand value for our money by way of quality films.

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There were media reports of Uday Chopra being attacked by Twitterati and having read some of the tweets, I am appalled and disconcerted at the crudeness on display.

She earned universal critical acclaim when she enacted the role of a deaf and blind girl in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 2004 movie “Black”.

Chopra, who has maintained a relatively low profile, directed the 1995 blockbuster starring the legendary Shahrukh-Kajol duo which is being played in Indian cinemas even now.

Adi will complete the shoot only in July so the Chopras are completely stationed in the city till the next couple of months.

As Adi would be away for four months Rani felt it better for Adira and her to travel with Adi so he wouldn’t miss his family.” The Chopras will be joined by the Mukerji family this month.

Rani mukherjee dating aditya chopra