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The band released its first album in 15 years, Soul Food, in 2015."Every Word song is like a soup," Randolph told Rolling Stone."You know how on cold days you get the biggest pot you can find and just start throwing in ingredients?The group's sound is inspired by successful 1970s funk bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire and Sly & the Family Stone.Randolph himself has explained that in his adolescent years before being discovered by the secular community, he was almost completely unaware of non-religious music, saying "I never heard of The Allman Brothers Band, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, none of them.

France was the first European nation to claim the area, after Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet first explored the Mississippian River Valley in 1673 and then Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, claimed the land in 1682.

On Chinese social media, where exposing official hypocrisy is a national sport, nothing makes you lose street cred as quickly as supporting the government, and people on Weibo know that Chan has a history of parroting the Communist Party's stances on many things (for example, by claiming that Beijing's air pollution doesn't exist).

However, Chan's praise for the air quality – in a city infamous for its pollution – isn't his most outrageous moment in the face of Chinese public opinion.

Randolph County’s five rivers, proximity to land transportation routes, and rich agricultural promise drew settlers to the area before the Louisiana Purchase.

As dependence on water-based transportation fell, land and railroad routes allowed agriculture and industry to maintain the county’s economic prominence in northeast Arkansas.