Police reported dating violence in canada 2016

The majority of incidents occurred once the relationship had ended.While girls aged 15 to 19 experienced 10 times as much police-reported violence as boys their age, the rates of such violence were highest among those in their 30s for both sexes, the report said.The province with the highest crime rate for the 9th straight year was Saskatchewan with 13,711 per 100,000.Regina is the city with the highest crime rate followed by its provincial counterpart Saskatoon.Women are also far more likely to be murdered by their past/present male intimate partners.Domestic violence refers to all forms of violence or threats of violence between current or former spouses or partners in a relationship, whether it be a marriage, common-law, or dating relationship. Everyone experiences anger, but not everyone chooses to be abusive towards others.“HALF of domestic violence victims are men, but NO domestic violence shelters are dedicated to us.” That’s where you come in. Donate so we can extend this ad beyond 1 month or get these billboard ads up across Canadian cities.

In the vast majority of domestic violence cases, victims are women who suffer more severe abuse such as being slapped, pushed, choked, kicked, bitten, burned, or assaulted with weapons.

It can include physical, emotional, or economic threats, including threats to children, pets, property, stalking, harassment, and any other form of violence. Similarly, alcohol or drug usage does not cause abuse since not everyone who is under the influence becomes abusive.

Men who are abusive toward their intimate partners may also be abusive with others, however they are often only choosing to be abusive towards their intimate partner.

Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, and Saguenay have the lowest crime rates of any city and are all located in Quebec.

Rates of dating violence reported to police increased steeply between 20, Statistics Canada says.