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The app works by loading music from the itunes library and plays the AVPlayer Items using AVPlayer.

A random snippet is generated just before it plays.

Author: redwing Music Bee defaults to save play count of each track to MB database file only. Import all presets and find "TOY: 'Copy tag' command" preset. Select all tracks in the main panel and make it to copy "Play Count" to "P_count" field using drop-down menu.

But you can save play count to your music files as well and keep them auto-updated. Click on "Preview" and then "Apply" if everything looks OK. Tick the box in front of the preset name to make the preset auto-applied to all tracks in your library.

it also helps you identify which songs you play the least meaning you can keep your mp3 library as up to date as you it could be!

a simple change, but very handy to me and I'm sure others ! I am actually going to retract my vote for this because for it to constantly write to the file after each unload might cause serato to become unstable.

If not, if you're only using Apple Music, on a free trial or a paid subscription, i Cloud Music Library manages the music and playlists that you add to your i Tunes library from Apple Music.

I've searched google and the SDK and can't find any references on setting these values, only getting.. Edit: I'd like for this data to be synced with the data displayed in i Tunes, as opposed to storing a local copy of a play count that only my app will see. What framework are you using or do you do everything on your own? If so, what persistent storage are you currently using?

How do you currently store the titles/sniplets etc?

I'd like the play count etc to be synced with itunes and displayed there.

I don't want only my app to be able to see the play count changes, but for them to sync to i Tunes and be displayed their as well.