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In 2006, Pigeon John was featured in an interview on National Public Radio.

John Kenneth Dunkin (later changed to Dust) was born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA and moved to the Los Angeles County city of Inglewood, California at the age of five years old.

It's been a great process, I love it." His first single from the album, "The Bomb", was featured in a Volkswagen television commercial in early October (in which the computer-manipulated likenesses of Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor perform a seated dance in the backseat of a Jetta to illustrate the large amount of leg room available).

Working with Herve Salters makes my music feel new to me.

If there's one thing about a Terrence Malick film, you are destined to either love it or hate it. Song to Song is the first of his films that might see people from both sides meet in the middle.

I'm normally a big Malick fan, but I was left with a rather meh feeling after watching Song to Song.

Even PJ's vocal delivery makes him sound like the sort of buddy you could have long talks with over a beer.

He currently resides with his wife Harmony in the Los Angeles suburb of Northridge, California.

Pigeon John was an avid skateboarder and would often listen to a variety of music on the radio while skateboarding, especially on the legendary Los Angeles hip-hop radio station KDAY.

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