Perfect date dating video

Idris Elba is still looking for a date for Valentine’s Day, and now he’s roped in some children to help give him advice on what to do, how to tell a girl he likes her – and whether or not he should eat beans. and then your date will probably slap you because she likes someone bad’.

Also, did you know, you should be a bad boy on a first date because you might have to wear ‘glasses and suspenders and ugly trousers…

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Chinesekisses are serious about finding you the perfect guy, or chinese girl.And we went backto his apartment, started, like, entertainingeach other, as they say. And it was fine,except for, by that point, I was holding in between 50 and 60 farts, from my, like, insane broccoli for dinner(bleep) experiment that I was just living in publicwith a total stranger.And these weren't,like, little, like, "Whoopsies, I swallowed wrong" farts, or whatever normal people get. And as soon as my body relaxed just a little bit, like-- I wasn't even that relaxed. (bleep) all 50 farts just came out as one giant fartthat was just like, (shouts):"Bah!But then they also think you should be a good guy because you want her to like you just in case you decide to propose to her. The hilarious video is all part of Idris’s hunt for the perfect date for V Day – and for a small donation to Omaze, that person could be you.(Or us, we’re still scraping together our pennies.) The Thor star is auctioning off a date with him to raise money for charity on fundraising website Omaze and all you need to do is donate at least (£8.25) to be in with a chance of winning ‘some quality time over the most delicious meal of your life’.