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In short, the purpose of this writing is to discuss the question: What role should dating play in college students lives?Initially one might think this is a frivolous subject.

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Whos bed did I just wake up in, and how the hell did I get here?!

Finally we found a hotel which allows a limited antenna setup.

The team included experienced operators Bom, XX9LT, Werner, DJ9KH, Guenter, DL2AWG, Dietmar, DL2HWA, Bert, DL2RNS, Juergen, DL3HRH, George, DL4SVA, Paul, DL5CW, Wolf, DM2AUJ, Sid, DM2AYO and Rolf, DL7VEE.

At the heart of coronary candidacy is something called the “prevention paradox,” that is, one’s apparent ability to prevent heart disease through beliefs about what makes one a candidate for heart disease.

I am sure that you heard someone say, s/he is the “last person” they would expect to have a heart attack.