Overly accommodating meaning

The house she took was capable of accommodating several families, and she considered it a safe investment for her "earnings." I shall leave the place, though certainly not with any intention of accommodating you.It was distinguished by a large boot, made for the purpose of accommodating the Great Commoner's gouty leg.Then you might be interested in hearing about our weeklong trip to the Italian Riviera this summer. Day trips to surrounding villages (including shopping in Tuscany cooking at a villa). You’ll get the best stuff condensed into one week of highlights.

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Historically, the cognitive development of children has been studied in a variety of ways.

The changes apply to both the ADA and the Rehabilitation Act.

Very few people argue that these changes were not needed – the courts had interpreted the definition of disability so narrowly that hardly anyone could meet it – but the challenge now is understanding what the changes are and who is covered as of January 1, 2009.

The oldest is through intelligence tests, such as the widely used Stanford Binet Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test first adopted for use in the United States by psychologist Lewis Terman (1877–1956) in 1916 from a French model pioneered in 1905.

IQ scoring is based on the concept of "mental age," according to which the scores of a child of average intelligence match his or her age, while a gifted child's performance is comparable to that of an older child, and a slow learner's scores are similar to those of a younger child.