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it is most likely ill have the dumb ileostomy for life. im worried about what guys will think/if they will still date me or marry me if i have an ileostomy. I've had my ileostomy for 33 years since I was 10 years old.

I've come close to getting engaged twice but both times it was me who broke it off cos I just couldn't picture myself with the guy for life. I've know many many ostomates who have gone on to meet the partner of their dreams, get married and have kids.

It IS a nervous time tellling them wondering what they'll think but 95% of the time that nervous energy is totally wasted.

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So, now its time for "The Talk" about my ostomy...how it saved my life, etc.Hope this works -------------------------------------------------------------- 200mg immuran daily 1500mg mesalazine salofalk daily Somac 40mg daily NO MORE PRED YAHOO!!! telling them before the date gives the guys time to think about your stoma. What Sharon has said has merit but I wouldn't be to open to early get to know them a little before you tell them you hav a stoma if you are worried or nervous/embarrassed?? Used 5mp, asacol, 6mp, remicade, imuran, Cimzia, entocourt, Flagyl/Cipro and enemas/suppositories until 2010 with periodic relief. i actually started that experience up to help me with some issues and self confusion i had resulting from extended use of pain meds.....needed an outlet for self discovery.-------------------------------------------------------------- Tried remicade and didn't work i would tell them before you meet up. About it you may find that you don't like them an not wish to see them again so no need to tell them you hav a stoma etc if you don't want to in most cases you will have an idea of weather or not you wish to see them again fairly quickly __________________ -Best wishes - Dan 1. talking to strangers has an odd way of bringing that about.for me the situation was when i was asked about work/career...since i dont work right now, usually that led into them asking why that was and my surgery info came out there.i discovered that i felt best sharing whatever someone wanted to know....i mentioned that i had some surgery issue and they did not inquire further..be it.