Orthodox christian morality dating

In New Testament times, the focus of marriage was switched from a primary purpose of producing children, to a primary purpose of providing a way for human beings to save their souls.The wedding ceremony itself is filled with rich symbolism that makes this whole aspect of marriage very clear.We have a legacy of faith, wisdom and experience we can pass on to our kids if we pay attention. People look at us like we’re freaks, but my husband and I refuse to buy smartphones for our kids.But if we don’t—we could cause more harm than good. Not only are they expensive, but they allow unsupervised access to the internet, among many other faults. The internet, like the TV, is the devil’s playground when it’s not properly supervised.Pre-Marital Sexual Relations by Archpriest Joseph F Purpura, taken from his book: Moral and Ethical Issues: Confronting Orthodox Youth Across North America It is not surprising that one out of every four teens are unsure if it is right or wrong to have sexual relations prior to marriage, given how much teens are inundated with sexual messages and images in their daily life, starting from the pre-teen years.The fact that only 5.57 percent of teens in the survey thought pre-marital sex was right is remarkable given the pervasive exploitation of young males and females in the media as sex objects and the constant portrayal of sex outside of marriage as normal and an everyday event without consequences.

In fact this approach typically leads teens to feel that they themselves are bad for having these feelings and for being attracted to people of the opposite sex.

Life gets busy and we don’t step back enough to see what we might be doing as parents to hurt our children’s spiritual growth.

Being an intentional Orthodox Christian parent is hard work…but it’s worth it.

We need to better equip teens to make good choices concerning sex and to be able to see through the multitude of sexual messages they receive on a daily basis.

We want teens to see themselves as important, valuable and sacred, despite the messages they receive to the contrary, which tend to debase both males and females.