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An ancient lidded jar from the Anyang region of China is thought to have contained wine 3,000 years ago.Pieces of even older pottery vessels show evidence that they once held a fermented drink, possibly wine.But the new discovery indicates that the Chinese may have been making their drinks even earlier.“Fermented beverages are central to a lot of our religions, social relations, medicine, in many cultures around the world,” said Patrick E.Many stone needles and needles made from bamboo and bone have been excavated from ruins in China.

Once you select a title, you will see the option to download it to your Xbox 360.After we had completed our excavations in 1991 we decided that we should focus on writing up what we had excavated, and not undertake further excavations at the site.This paper was written to summarize our state of knowledge about the archaeological remains at the site, and focused on describing the stone tools, the overall stratigraphy, and the dating.Clicking on the download button actually brings up the purchasing screen.Once you purchase the game and the transaction is complete, the game will be registered to your account.