Neil gaiman and amanda palmer dating

When I started going out with Amanda I asked about the Dresden Dolls. She holds my hand, introduces me to the man who introduced her and Brian at a Hallowe’en party exactly a decade before, and slips back into the shadows.

at 1pm est on november 19th, neil and i did a reddit AMA. Half of us is a writer and half of us is a singer and musician. Two years ago we went on tour for a week and recorded each night.

For the Scottish musician Amanda Mac Kinnon, see Manda Rin.

This evolved to The Dirty Business Brigade, a troupe of seasoned and new artists, performing at many gigs.

In 2002, after developing a cult following, the band recorded their eponymous debut album, The Dresden Dolls, with producer Martin Bisi (of Indie, Brooklyn, New York fame).

I’ve seen her play grand churches and basement divebars (once on the same night going from chapel to divebar), watched her play a seriously genderbent Emcee in Cabaret and half of the pair of conjoined twin sisters known as Evelyn Evelyn. They went on the sort of hiatus that most bands don’t come back from about a month before I met Amanda for the first time.

I’d been a lazy sort of Dresden Dolls fan before that.