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Segment #1: (Part 2 of 2) Cross My Heart, A Conversation with musician Dennis Davis, Gold Star Parent Jane Bright, and student actress Chantel Carter along with filmmakers/writers, Peter Dudar and Sally Marr. John Cromshow speaks with attorney Jeff Levy and teacher Jack Freiberger about so called “Teacher Jails.”Segment #3: Coalition for Alternatives to Militarism in Our Schools provide reflections from the National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth (NNOMY) conference by Deborah Membreno, a 17 year old student at Venice High School. Juan Almendares, President of the Honduran Peace Committee, spoke with TMR Producer Claudia Chinchilla about recent events resulting from the coup in Honduras. Segment #4: CAMS: Brian Wells, a 19 year old Pasadena Community College Student chose to leave the military after a month of boot camp last year.

Segment #4: Audio Collage of CSU Northridge student reactions to CSU Budget Cuts and the impact they are having on opportunities to enroll in classes. Segment #5: Elias Serna and Sandra de la Loza spoke of upcoming events commemorating the 39th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium in the Westside at the 18th Street Art Complex and the Pico Youth and Family Center.

Evaluating the combined effects of ballast water management and trade dynamics on transfers of marine organisms by ships. Acanthurus Albimento, A New Species Of Surgeonfish (Acanthuriformes: Acanthuridae) From Northeastern Luzon, Philippines, With Comments On Zoogeography. Cramer, Katie L., O'Dea, Aaron, Carpenter, Carolina and Norris, Richard D. A 3,000 year record of Caribbean reef urchin communities reveals causes and consequences of long-term decline in Diadema antillarum. Pioneering patterns of ballast treatment in the emerging era of marine vector management. Demko, Alyssa M., Amsler, Charles D., Hay, Mark E., Long, Jeremy D., Mc Clintock, James B., Paul, Valerie J.

Declines in plant palatability from polar to tropical latitudes depend on herbivore and plant identity.

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They also addressed the one woman show by April Fitzsimmons, “The Need to Know: A Veteran’s Journey from Fear to Freedom.”Segment #5: Robert Cabrales from Communities for a Better Environment joined us to discuss the community’s work to stop the planned power plant in the City of Vernon. John Cromshow speaks with a Special Education Teacher who responds to the LAUSD's School Board vote on Tuesday.Gilbert Mejia and his parents are in danger of being deported to Guatemala.Salvador and Elida were originally scheduled to be deported on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, but they were granted a last-minute delay in order to testify at their son’s deportation hearing on October 22. Peer J, 5: Altieri, Andrew H., Harrison, Seamus B., Seemann, Janina, Collin, Rachel, Diaz, Robert J. Tropical dead zones and mass mortalities on coral reefs. (eds.), Coral Reefs of the Eastern Tropical Pacific: Persistence and loss in a Dynamic environment. Species coexistence and the superior ability of an invasive species to exploit a facilitation cascade habitat.