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In a similar situation, the ECU on my Japanese econobox had to be disconnected for 15 minutes, then idled for about 20 before it finally recalibrated itself and ran correctly. Jeffrey Earl 1983 diesel Westfalia "Vanasazi" to another dealer that understands lemon law and how to work on an OBDII vehcile. lite on that is Disconnecting the battery on an OBD II vehicle will not clear trouble codes, it Federal Law and part of OBD II regulations.

The light may go out, but the code is still stored and you will still fail emissions with it.

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Zoning entered into the criteria for our property search, and figured largely in our members’ decision to locate outside of the city limits.

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Getting VIP access is a good thing because it will allow you to do so much more on the site besides just browsing.In NY state this year a CEL on will fail emissions as well, but there is a DMV computer we have to hook up every car to, and if it indicates a code, a sticker can not be generated, regardless of who is doing the test.Also, if a code is simply cleared and then the test is performed, it will also fail due to the readiness codes in the ECM not being ready.Zoning can require minimums for emergency vehicle access (safety); sewer or septic connections, rainwater runoff control, municipal water or well water hookups (health); minimums for lot size, square footage of houses, and restrictions on how many residences can occupy a lot or given area (financial, as these largely “protect” property values).I’m not giving a comprehensive list, these are just examples of the types of regulations included in zoning.