Meta dll finished updating 12 plugins

# Lucid binaries - no source files deb lucid main restricted universe multiverse deb lucid-updates main restricted universe multiverse ## Clean up older files no longer in the archive clean should be cleared with a reboot).

meta dll finished updating 12 plugins-9

I've tried a few things, but keep getting the following error - "// Get assemblies that will be providing imports and exports var assemblies = Get Assemblies(); // Get conventions that will be used to find imports and exports var conventions = Get Conventions(); var container = new Container Configuration(). Create Container(); // Create and apply a Mef Controller Factory so controllers can be composed Controller Builder. Set Controller Factory(new Mef Controller Factory(container)); I think I'm missing something quite major here.

Here is a simple example that copies the binary files from all 4 sections (main, restricted, universe and multiverse) as well as the latest bug fixes.

# apt-mirror configuration file ## ## The default configuration options (uncomment and change to override) ## # set base_path /tmp/ubuntumirror # ## Repositories to copy from - ## use a mirror so you don't overload the main server!!!

2007/04/02 1.19p29 [Patch: Metamod-P v29 by Jussi Kivilinna] - crash fix that didn't work 2006/03/04 1.19p28 [Patch: Metamod-P v28 by Jussi Kivilinna] - Removed use of __VA_ARGS__ (should be easy to port to msvc now).

- Reduced size of extra engineapi function slots from 128 to 16.