Mark zuckerberg dating

Apparently there were only about 100 people present at the ceremony.

They shared a picture from their nuptials on Facebook, and, no, Zuckerberg was not wearing one of his signature hoodies for the...

The bride wore a white dress with a lace overlay and received a simple ruby wedding ring designed by Zuckerberg.

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The Facebook founder rounded out his gigantic IPO week with vows!

After some time, Mark took another major decision of his life; he dropped out to run his company then titled- The Facebook.

True Love Defies Distance Despite the distance and Mark’s inherent workaholic attitude, Priscilla always stood by him.

Priscilla fiercely tries to guard her private time with Mark, and demands at least one date night a week, away from the rest of the world.

It is definitely difficult for high-profile, busy people to take out time for each other.