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Massachusetts laws mandating—minimum sentences for drug offenses force judges to sentence people to set terms in state prison and county houses of correction, including defendants who have no criminal records and obvious treatment needs. One year in state prison now costs over ,000 per prisoner, so eliminating mandatory minimums for drug offenses could mean very significant saving for state taxpayers without jeopardizing public safety.Based on testimony we submitted, here’s why the ACLU of Massachusetts supports “An Act to Eliminate Mandatory Minimum Sentences Related to Drug Offenses” (Senate Bill 786 and House Bill 1620), from Sen. A 2012 Massachusetts Department of Correction report shows that 1,550 people were serving mandatory minimum drug sentences in state prison, costing the state million per year.It had been a while since I’d walked through the Golden Arches and much had changed.

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This latest verbal monstrosity came as Gray defended her government’s push to jack up Alberta’s minimum wage in a series of hikes.

Since then, similar nurse staffing laws have failed in every other state where they were proposed.

But the nursing unions backing the bills have grown increasingly powerful in statehouses across the country. They argue the bills would strip them of their ability to make basic staffing decisions and be a financial burden.

If the bill becomes law, he said, “it doesn’t matter what part of the state you’re in, you can be assured you’re going to have adequate nursing care whatever place you’re going into.” Lawmakers in D.

C., New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Iowa and Minnesota are also considering legislation.