Macports updating

, you will likely want to update them, since unlike earlier OS versions, the compiler on Snow Leopard and later will build for x86_64 by default on systems that support it.The default values will be fine for almost all users, so unless you know you need something different, just comment out these two lines.It supports RRD, MRTG (RRD and old log-format), and tab-delimited text files. php-rrd @1.1.3 (php, net, devel) PHP rrdtool extension php5-rrd @1.1.3 (php, net, devel) PHP rrdtool extension php5-rrdtool @1.0.5 (php, net, devel) this port is only a stub and has been made obsolete by php5-rrd php53-rrd @1.1.3 (php, net, devel) PHP rrdtool extension php54-rrd @1.1.3 (php, net, devel) PHP rrdtool extension php55-rrd @1.1.3 (php, net, devel) PHP rrdtool extension rrdtool @1.4.7_5 (net) Round Robin Database Found 11 ports.yubico-pam @2.16 (security) Variants: universal Description: The Yubico PAM module provides an easy way to integrate the Yubi Key into your existing user authentication infrastructure.Usage: selfupdate --nosync Upgrade Mac Ports itself and run the sync target --nosync Do not run the sync target, i.e., do not update the ports tree.

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But note that because universal is not necessarily tested by port maintainers, it may not work correctly for all ports, even if no error message is shown during installation.

action should be used regularly to update the local ports tree with the global Mac Ports ports repository so you will have the latest versions of software packages available.

It also checks for new releases of Mac Ports itself, and upgrades it when necessary.

jrrd @1.0.4 (java) Java interface to RRDTool netmrg @0.20 (net) An RRDtool frontend for network monitoring, reporting, and graphing that generates day/week/month MRTG style graphs.

network-weathermap @0.97c (net) Weathermap is a network visualisation tool, to take graphs you already have and display an overview of your network as a map.