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A constant brain drain of the best and brightest is not a sign that you're paying nonprofit wages it's a sign that your organizational culture is broken. Avantages Metro Homeless Youth Services are awesome and have hired people from different ethnicities and backgrounds, which have been great for perspectives and paradigms when working with the youth. Conseils à la direction Find a way to pay our DSPs more. Much of it is how society views this type of work and what we are given in the budget. You go one play and you might make .50 an hour, you go another and you might make an hour.Do you know a church member who is moving into a nursing home or assisted living residence?Chaplain Beth Woodard of Trinity Glen has created this Litany of Transition and Godspeed to facilitate the transition to a new home.LSC Champions are the “go-to" people for the LSC ministry!

One Director pointed out a safety issue in the office and then was terminated.Memorial service will be held at 7PM on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at Patton ...Sara Lee Swartwood Duden, age 60, of Blue Earth died Wednesday, March 8, 2017, in hospice care at her home in Blue Earth following a more than seven-year battle with liver and kidney disease. Dating to 1868, Diakon aids people of all faiths through compassionate service, gracious hospitality, and charitable care.Each year, Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries and Diakon Child, Family & Community Ministries serve approximately 70,000 children, youths, families, and adults of all ages through compassionate service, gracious hospitality and charitable care.