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Many speakers use creole for informal purposes and the standard language for formal occasions.Romance languages are also used formally in some countries where one or more non-Romance languages are used by most speakers for everyday purposes.By the beginning of the 21st century, some 920 million people claimed a Romance language as their mother tongue, 300 million people as a second language.To that number may be added the not-inconsiderable number of Romance [based on Portuguese but heavily influenced by Spanish]) are spoken in the West Indies and the Philippines.Dating a pregnancy from fertilization goes against convention.When discussing pregnancy, medical professionals customarily date a pregnancy from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period, because that is the date most women can pinpoint.Corresponding entries in reference list: Bourguignon, François, and Christian Morrisson (2002). In references to United Nations publications, the United Nations is given as author.When other organizations are given as author, the names can be abbreviated in the parenthetical text reference if they have been defined in the text or a list of abbreviations at the beginning of the text.

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The purpose of a plain-language approach in written communication is to convey information easily and unambiguously.PROGRAMA DE INVESTIMENTO RODOVIÁRIO DO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO TRANSPORTES: Desenvolvimento e implantação de um programa informatizado para gestão operacional do SIGOA – Sistema de Gerenciamento de Obras de Arte Especiais (pontes, viadutos e túneis JOF - Joint Operations Facility: To implement good practices for sustainable land management (SLM) and recovery of degraded areas in the state of Sergipe in 03 (three) agrarian reform settlements (Valmir Mota, Florestan Fernandes and Jacaré-Curituba) and in one (01) community Preto), loc UPDATE - ENMIENDA No.1 Plan estratégico para garantizar una vida sana y promover el bienestar de toda la población de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, en todas las etapas de su ciclo de vida (2016-2019): Adquisición de Equipamiento Médico para Servicios de Neonatología y Obstetricia Projet de Réhabilitation des Infrastructures Agricoles de la Région Sud-Ouest,: Contrôle et surveillance des travaux de réhabilitation du périmètre de Manombo Ranozaza amont, commune rurale d’Ankililoaka, district de Tulear II, Région sud ouest REVISION - MINISTERIO DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES Y CULTO: REVISION - Seguro de salud para la cobertura médico asistencial de carácter integral, destinada a los funcionarios que presten funciones en las representaciones diplomáticas y consulares de la República Argentina en el exterior.The fact that the Romance languages share features not found in contemporary Latin textbooks suggests, however, that the version of Latin they continue is not identical with that of Classical Latin as known from literature.Nonetheless, although it is sometimes claimed that the other (the Indo-European language group to which Latin belonged, spoken in Italy) did contribute features to Romance, it is fairly certain that it is specifically Latin itself, perhaps in a popular form, that is the precursor of the Romance languages.