Lebron jamess mother and dating celebrities dating age differences

despite the fact they're only 3 years apart in age. So, we asked what it's like to date the mother of such a high profile celebrity -- and Lambo told us why it's "cool." Lambo also has a habit of publicly calling out high profile people who run with Le Bron -- people like Jay Z, Steph Curry and more.

We’ve posted about this interesting love affair before: Le Bron James’ Mother Marrying Struggle Rapper We can’t front, we are a tad bit jealous since Lambo is clearly getting blessed with some dope kicks thanks to his affiliation.

For his part, it doesn’t look like Le Bron has a huge problem with Lambo, who is only two years older than him, dating his mother since Lambo’s seemingly involved in every facet of the NBA superstar’s life.

Maybe this scenario is easier to digest for ‘Bron than the rumored romance between his mother and former teammate, Delonte West.

Gloria and her rapper husband are definitely following that old school motto that our beloved Aaliyah sang about: “Age ain’t nothing but a number” and we ain’t mad at ’em for that.

But we were also wondering what Le Bron thought about their new school/old school love though, so we did some diggin’… READ MORE Rap legend, MC Lyte, has just spoken out about Kanye West and his seemingly nonexistent appearances in public as of late.