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Go to the full list of Mandated Reporters Read the law Back to Top As a mandated reporter you must immediately make a report or cause a report to be made (for example: ensuring that a supervisor makes the report), when in your professional role you are presented with reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect.

Back to Top “Reasonable cause” to suspect child abuse or neglect means that based on your observations of the evidence, professional training and experience you believe that the parent or legal guardian has harmed or placed a child in danger of being harmed.

Each county owns and operates transfer stations that accept solid waste and recyclables from residents, businesses and waste haulers. Below is a copy of each of the County's Local Solid Waste and Recycling Laws.

Recyclable materials are required to be separated from other solid waste.

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All reports must be made to the NY State Central Register Mandated Reporter Hotline, or call 911 if you believe a child is in immediate hospital vitamin k horror: Caution or coercion?The controversy over vitamin K and eye prophylaxis - Pregnancy, Birth & Midwifery Mothering, Nov-Dec, 2001 by Mary Beth Tierney STATE OF NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Corning Tower The Governor Nelson A Rockefeiler Empire State Plaza Albany, New York 12237 Dennis P.It shall be the duty of the attending physician, licensed midwife, licensed nurse or other authorized provider in attendance at a delivery to place into the eyes of the infant, on delivery, an agent effective for preventing purulent conjunctivitis of the newborn, such as tetracycline or erythromycin eye preparation or a one percent solution of nitrate of silver.------------- Forced Medication of Healthy Newborns with Vitamin K in New York State Dec 7, 1999 net/~waterbird This paper seeks repeal or nullification of New York State Law NYCRR, Title 10, Section 12.3, which mandates the injection of all newborns with a Vitamin K prophylaxis.