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Chelsea’s medical staff assessed him and the wing-back was withdrawn from the team, with the leaders then losing to leave their advantage at the top off the Premier league trimmed to four points from Tottenham with six games still to play.But several other players were also affected by the virus, which had set in towards the end of last week.

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Officers have also been without water, toilet paper and ink to print police reports, Folha de Sao Paulo reported, causing Rio police stations to shut down for eight hours in protest Monday.

That same day, more than 300 officers also marched in Rio’s streets demanding full paychecks out of a concern for the city’s stability and safety.

As Rio’s resources continue to dwindle, Casa da Moeda (Brazil’s mint) announced in a release Thursday that the production of documents, including passports, has been halted for a week, due to a problem with one of the machines.

Successful treatment plans can be life-changing for patients.

Unfortunately, due to both patient and physician-related factors, many individuals with CDH lapse from medical care and seek alternative therapies, and some continue spiraling downward, fueled by medication misuse and overuse.