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Another high-level matrimonial split has hit the Hillary Clinton campaign, this one involving the parting of top adviser Ann O’Leary and her husband, California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu — who sources have confirmed is now dating his onetime law student, San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim.O’Leary was recently named co-executive director of the Clinton-Kaine presidential transition team, with speculation that she may be headed for a job in the White House as a deputy chief of staff if Clinton is elected.

Ne Ne has notoriously battled with the Real Housewives Of Atlanta producers and this was reportedly heavily behind her motive to quit this season.

Our priority is, as it has always been, our shared commitment to being the best parents we can be to our children.” In May, O’Leary texted friends, stating that “Goodwin and I separated because he is in a relationship with Jane Kim.” However, when pressed on the subject Tuesday, O’Leary sent us a separate statement that avoided blaming Kim.

“As many people around us know, Goodwin and I had a good marriage for many years, but we have struggled in the past few,” she said.

And by “something right,” I mean all the ladies greasing up their boobies the way I put an egg wash on a tray of hot cross buns so they’ll glisten fresh out of the oven. That boob presentation was the biggest lesson I learned tonight, but not the only one!

We have Phaedra and Kandi repairing their strained friendship, Porsha being a stage-five clinger with her 24-year-old football beau of two months, and Kim motherflippin’ Fields finally makes an appearance! My longest relationship lasted four years, and this show has been on twice as long as that, sooooooooooo, clearly, RHOA is doing something right.