Khia and lil wayne dating

I calm down when the instrument is on me."ummm if thats a definition of a lady, its time for a personal sex change... The first time I heard that song was the first time I got stoned, and I laughed for HOURS.

And people never hear me whimper, you know how much shit I talk.

She is currently dating a basketball player, and he is currently expecting children with Lauren London, and Nivea.

Watch Lil' Wayne profess his love for the rapstress inside and see pics of Diddy, Ludacris and others partying with Monica. Delilah Silk Shirtdress, Christian Louboutin Riviera Trash Clutch, and Casadei Cutout Platform Sandals that had him wanting that old thing back. So to avoid paying his bill, my man jumped into a near by lake lol.Police had to bring out the department's helicopter to search the lake for him. The Thug Misses is putting her stilettos to work promoting her new CD, Nasti Muzik. The chick who was playing it was like, "What's so funny?! Read on to find out if she knows what Lil Wayne’s ass taste like. The “Nasti Muzik” intro is about me playing music with my own little instrument in bed, but that’s the only one. Khia: Everybody says that but I’m such a bitch but when I’m with a Lil Wayne I’m just a kitten. Khia: I have a son so I fold his underwear all the time. You give me some Seagram’s Gin and some Absolute and I’m good. I don’t put my personal life out but I’m his biggest fan and he can do anything to me and I would do anything to him? Khia: Choking is allowed as long as it’s from behind. "Big Cat BROKE ASS RECORDS, Jermaine Dupri and Wacky Hoe done tried the QUEEN!!!