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Once on the Time Lords' homeworld, he continued to serve Romana as she ascended to the post of Lady President of the High Council.

(AUDIO: Weapon of Choice, et al) Whilst on Gallifrey, he frequently liaised with K9 Mark I, Leela's version of the robot, whom he found to be "inferior".

Keenan has loved animals since he was small and has always been there to help friends and family with their pets.Indeed, he stopped travelling with the Doctor at the same time as the second Romana, with whom he remained in E-Space in order to assist with the liberation of the Tharil species.When Romana returned into N-Space, K9 joined her on Gallifrey.Her first question was just what was I going to think of her if she did try this and would I still love her?I reassured her that I would love her more and things would still be the same between us.