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So, I’m like, ‘That’s going to be a crowded table.’ And I couldn’t get anything from my agents, no one could get anything from anybody – just that I wasn’t released [from my contract].I tuned into the show thinking I may hear something about why there, and of course, I heard nothing.A few may experience irritation at my inability to communicate via speech.

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I-30to purchase 3-day tickets through Wednesday at close of business (and save ! continue reading » Well, it’s only a slight exaggeration to say that the worst case scenario being asked to speculate on…Kaci is adventuresome, persistent and always involved with some worthwhile project. As of January 23, Kaci embarked on a year of silence.She believes that if we don’t have to think about what we are going to say next or how we are going to respond, we listen differently and ultimately better.“As a cultural anthropologist and former tv news anchor, I have spent many years professionally observing, interviewing and reporting on what other people are doing, saying or experiencing,” she expressed on her blog.“As I explore and experience my personal journey of listening differently, I will be utilizing the tool of not speaking as a means to expand the space and energy to simply listen – without the need to opine, judge or defend.”Through her blog The Silent Project (SILENTproject.com,) Kaci will recount her experiences, insights and challenges of living and listening without speaking.“One hypothesis is that people who don’t know me or have any expectations of me will not care whether I speak or not.