Jessica alba dating baron davis

Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Red Cross to support relief efforts following the earthquake in Haiti.

Wu’s videos have received replies from Jessica Alba and Baron Davis.

OZZY OSBOURNE in the lounge at the Chateau Marmont.

They both looked terrific, dressed in black of course, and dined with some other rocker types.

My friends in town from Minneapolis were impressed, but were hoping for a Li Lo sighting.

He seemed friendly as fans came up to him and asked for pictures.In the NBA, some of the mascots range from being unbelievably awesome to odd to just plain stupid.One of my personal favorites is Go the Gorilla (pictured), who has been entertaining Phoenix Suns fans for years.His bodyguard actually approached my friend and said, "Sean would like your number." She didn't give it to him, but she did confess that his ANTHONY KIEDIS, of course.His face looked very gaunt and he was chatting with another man I didn't recognize.