Is wu chun dating ella

Join Chun as he tells his past story to a young man named Arron Yan that he couldn't be able to see with his eyes before he was blind. Then one day, she was gone, only for him to realize that the love he always wanted and needed was just right in front of him, only, he chose to ignore it. The plot and the storyline is different from the previous one. I hope you all like the new story as much as the previou Hey there! I'm a newbie and if I make mistakes on grammars, i apologise beforehand :) (English isnt my First Language) I'm not very good at descriptions but without further a do, this is a CHUNELLA Fanfic :) Hope you guys enjoy! Comments really motivate me and I hope someone comments, even if it's a bad comment it's alright, it's telling me that someone is atleast reading my story so, COMMENT PLEASE hehe (its the on Tian Fu Zhen, Aaron Yan's ex-girlfriend dated him for money and hence, they break up but Aaron was deeply hurt. One year later, two girls transfer to this university where Aaron and his friends were there.This is a Fan Fiction which I wrote back in 2008 for a Chinese forum as a member. Hebe and Fu Zhen look so alike that everybody mistoken her as Fu Zhen, and because of this, she was always hurt by Aaron.Popular female stars have the pick of rich businessmen or handsome actors as suitors, but not everyone ended up marrying their "equal".Some celebrities ended up marrying outside of the entertainment industry and picked the guy next door as their life partners.During this party, his attention was focused solo on the food, not on the people around him. BTS from Tank's Album 1 & 227 Jan - FLH as guests in SHE's "Yi Dong Cheng Bao" concert.29 Jan - HK press conference in Singapore, the infamous smack-heard-around-spores happened. Seeing CE vids such as those literally completes my day. They're a sweet couple and I hope they'll go through with the marriage. had very hectic life just before the fasting month till now .the way , though I haven't post anything , I've always lurk in this thread and am very grateful to all our beloved Angels that post dilligently so that we can be here by now ...

Even before our scheduled time, they have already completed photo shoots for the 4 different sets of outfits.

Her mood is always kept in the good tip-top condition.

From make-up to commencement of the cover shoot, Ella is like an Energizer-bunny, bustling around the whole studio, seemingly with no intention to even catch any breather.

Source: Shi Bao Magazine (Vol 1667) Credit of Scans: irenechen Ella of Baidu ELLA Translation by: shyun_y @ *PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS* Exclusive Interview: Accused of Disagreement with Director and Being Difficult.

Ella speaks up: I’m Maligned by Producer From afar you would have heard a series of hearty laughter, even before you catch sight of her – this is the signature of Ella’s uniqueness.