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The Summer Set self-released their first EP Love the Love You Have in November 2007.

She texted me after a walk with her dog on the moor: ‘I’m not feeling well as I was stung by something in a military toilet. ’It turns out it was a hornet, which she later discovered had travelled home with her in her sock. Being able to sleep at night.’Him: ‘I hope you find it.’Later. ‘On Thursday, I have to leave for work at 6am, drive for, what, nine hours, get back at midnight.’Him: ‘Relentless for you. The wall Michelle is sitting on, contemplating suicide after her miscarriage, is the wall I rode a bicycle along.’Seriously. It’s like the day we were driving across the very high moor towards Scotland, and he remarked, ‘I used to walk on these moors. I had Sam for ten years and no one cares about my loss.’‘Of course some people care.’That is going to get me into trouble, isn’t it? A film about elephant abuse to go to in Edinburgh with Virginia Mc Kenna and her son, Will Travers. I’d buy flowers every Friday, then spend the weekend worrying how soon I could wash the vase.

Public tributes are available to visit in the Remembrance Gardens.

The band signed a record deal with The Militia Group in April 2008.

The Summer Set also recorded a pop punk cover of Usher's hit song " Love in This Club" later that year.

Understanding the background of a character makes it more interesting and helps you understand them a bit more making you feel closer to them, i think you need this to make a successful show and the crew on Casual y have mastered this unique quality!!!!!!!!

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.