Is 50cent and ciara still dating

Along with revealing an October release date for The Beast Is G-Unit, 50 Cent also spilled some beans on a past relationship between Missy Elliott and former G-Unit signee Olivia. See, it’s her fault for actually saying that to you.

When Charlamagne mentioned a past interview with Olivia in which she said that Fif didn't like her and Elliott to be in the studio together, the G-Unit leader responded:"Nah, I didn’t have no problem. Trust me.”We haven't heard much from the "Candy Shop" singer recently, but do you believe Fiddy?

“It rubbed me the wrong way.” The former G-Unit member came clean about the fact that she had feelings for 50 Cent, but insists they didn’t sleep together. He was like the business relationship and all of this,” she explained.

“And I was like, ‘yeah you’re right.’ We were just having a conversation and we were saying, yeah I’m attracted to you, okay, well I’m attracted to you too.” She also says Fifty was behind the ruers that she was intimate with Missy Elliott.

Ciara has also transitioned into acting and modeling.

“I give you a little of Love and Hip Hop, and a lot of some personal life stuff that guys wouldn’t expect to hear from me like relationships.” She also revealed that she was in a serious relationship with Shaggy.

“The craziest one that a lot of people wouldn’t expect is the Shaggy thing,” she said. He was a cheater.” According to Olivia, she caught him red-handed with another woman.

At times Ciara was rubbing 50’s huge pectoral muscles.

Other times, 50 was stroking her bare back…whole time, 50 and Ciara are wrapped in each other arms, lips to necks….definitely all looking alot more intimate than two business collaborators or two platonic pals would ever get.