Intimidating avatar

The Avatar Builder is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to add puppet-ready accessories to any part of your character to enhance it's look and provide unique motion abilities to different body parts.

It can be a little intimidating to operate at first, so we're going to start learning from the bottom up.

Fin, Sonny, and Rollins are spending their weekend at a video game expo, checking out new video games amidst crowds of gaming fans.

As they make their way through the booths, the men explaining gamer lingo to a clueless Rollins, they come across Leslie Connolly, the male nanny from the Glagow Man case who created a video game from his drawings.

Part 3 of our Avatar Builder tutorial series will show you how you can set up your control definitions for a dual accessory such as ears, eyes, or in this case eyebrows, then animate it with the puppet controller.

Find yourself a proper Fractional, and don't end up losing everything to unsavory executives who are just looking to line their pockets.

If this is a large investment for you, or if you care about your safety, show up for a random visit and demand a tour.

Video game developer Raina Punjabi solidifies the launch of her first game amid a stream of online insults, intimidation and death threats from the male-dominated gaming community.

When a female employee is assaulted at a gamer convention, Detective Tutuola investigates the crime but Raina refuses to delay the launch, and the cops must "level up" to protect her.