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Each change is marked with its time stamp, revision, and action description.

Unlike version control that keeps track of the committed revisions only, the local history preserves all local changes you make as you edit, compile or test, during few days (it is up to you to define how long you want this history to be).

And vim does better yet.) Intellij can highlight variable instances, you just need to enable it .

Further, if you invoke compile project, Intellij will just compile changed files (and hotswap when possible, if you are in debug mode & deploying to e.g.

Sure, you can restore it using the file system, but Intelli J IDEA suggests a better way to do it, without leaving the IDE.

This is where Intelli J IDEA’s local history on the project or folder level comes to help, preserving all modifications that affect the nested files, including the changes to the contents and to the file tree in general.

You'd better contact their support for assistance.

Or check whether this reproduces with a clean versioned project.

Start the week by downloading Intelli J IDEA 13.1.2, a fresh new update with a lots of enhancements and bugfixes (including the fixes for performance issues).When enabled, it provides a more convenient way to view merges by displaying the incoming commits first, directly below the merge commit: As an added bonus the graph becomes more linear and straightforward. Share it here in the comments or submit requests directly to our issue tracker.Suppose you have accidentally deleted a file from your project, and want to have it back.In the Action column of the lower part of the dialog box, select the action you want to roll back. So doing, the upper part of the dialog box shows the tree view of changed files.If you want to restore the deleted file only, regardless of the other changes that have been done since then, you can select the file in the tree view and click the Revert button on the upper toolbar. A different situation occurs, if you want to restore the deleted file and the whole project or folder state as of a certain revision.

Intellij updating modified files