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Through interviews and observation I have concluded that they are "modernizing" in the sense of structuring family life in a way more similar to that of the outside Western world.

The role of the community is becoming less important as the affectional ties within the nuclear family become more important. Foster (195) stated in his study of three communal societies that: "No social order is static, or unchanging, especially when it demands the kind of intense commitment and dedication that these experiments did." I believe that the same is true for the Hutterites.

We will follow the traditional developmental approach in organizing the material as it takes us through the various stages of the family life cycle.

KINSHIP STRUCTURE The Hutterites are an Anabaptist group which began in central Europe in the middle 1550's.

Hutterites can marry only members of the Hutterian Brethren Church.

They are modernizing, even though it is at a slower rate than is true for the rest of society.

Of necessity, they are accommodating to the practices of the larger culture in which they find themselves.

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