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We have a walk-through for how to safely update to i OS 10 here.

While this error isn't as bad as the troubles Samsung is experiencing with its volatile Galaxy Note 7 phones, Apple isn't enjoying the best week either. 13) reported incidents of i OS 10 bricking i Pads and i Phones, another issue the company patched quickly.

Apple (aapl) quickly fixed the software and told customers whose phones had crashed to connect to i Tunes to restore their devices.

Still, the hiccups have been nothing compared to Samsung's exploding battery problem in its new Galaxy Note 7 phone.

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"Go to Settings About if you already downloaded) and update away!

"The problems followed an earlier issue with the i OS 10 update that crashed some of the i Phones of some of the first people to install it on Tuesday.

I'm not the only one having issues with this update.

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A whole two days after Apple released i OS 10, T-Mobile announced yesterday (Sept. The major revision to Apple's mobile operating system adds a lot of fun new features, but it also led to connectivity issues on T-Mobile's servers, problems that that Apple rushed to fix.

T-Mobile announced the issue in a tweet, as well as text messages sent to users, stating "i Phone 6, 6 & SE customers – Do not download i OS 10.