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This dataset has given rise to a number of collaborative projects exploring the intersection of social networks, cultural tastes (with Jason Kaufman and Marco Gonzalez), race/ethnicity (with Andreas Wimmer), and online privacy.

Other current projects include a comparative study of culture in action in the context of contemporary tattooing; an analysis of reciprocity and dominance in a gang homicide network (with Andrew Papachristos); and an exploration of the "structure of activism" based on the Save Darfur campaign (with Jens Meierhenrich).

I almost want to put some of these faces next to pictures of some farm animals and have people vote on which is more attractive. I'm not exactly sure how the farm animals are going to fit into this whole thing (you can't really ever be sure with farm animals...), but I like the idea of comparing two people together.

There was a paper version of a Harvard directory of students called a "facebook" which was literally a book with photos of everyone's faces (along with other key info such as which dorm room they lived in and their email address).

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The 21st century has witnessed a transformation of the American dating scene: Online dating—previously a marginalized social practice—has skyrocketed in popularity to become one of the primary ways that singles meet and mate today.

He said in an article in The Harvard Crimson that he was inspired to make Facebook from the incident of Facemash: "It is clear that the technology needed to create a centralized Website is readily available ...

The questionnaire was geared to young college students seeking a date, not a marriage partner.

The website was set up as a type of “hot or not” game for Harvard students.

The website allowed visitors to compare two student pictures side-by-side and let them decide who was hot or not. So what if it's not even 10 pm and it's a Tuesday night? The Kirkland dormitory facebook is open on my desktop and some of these people have pretty horrendiedous facebook pics.

To view this match, visit https:// Once on n Choose Two, the potential match will see who his or her match then has the option to either accept or decline the match.

Only when both matches accept is the match-maker finally revealed.