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Founded in 2007, my Hogwarts is an interactive Harry Potter website where members attend Hogwarts in an all inclusive experience!

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You'll need to take a short course in Flying to progress to underage, and then you will be able to see the full website! Just click 'register' at the top left of your screen and follow the instructions to join. Linda is a former Ravenclaw student, hailing from the USA; she oversees most aspects of Of-Age life and teaches Muggle Studies and Potions, as well as co-running the Department of Magical Games and Sports.Author JK Rowling found inspiration for her wizarding world around her adopted home city of Edinburgh, and the Scottish Highlands provided the perfect filming locations once the books were brought to the big screen.Edinburgh Back in the mid-1990s, JK Rowling was living in Edinburgh and - as the legend goes - frequented some of Edinburgh’s cafes to avoid spending money on heating her flat as she wrote Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.Although the Forbidden Forest may be strictly off-limits for students at Hogwarts, Warner Brothers Studios in London is inviting visitors into the campus’ shadowy woods.The new permanent attraction, opening March 31, will resemble the Forbidden Forest portrayed in the Harry Potter films — complete with 19 large trees, all 12 feet wide and sporting tangled roots.

Harry potter fan dating site