Good dating spots in nyc

Of all the aspects of dating in New York City, the one thing that shouldn’t be difficult is finding a place to actually go on a date.Whether you’ve got a string of Tinder dates lined up, or are in a long-term relationship and need motivation to abandon your Seamless-and-Netflix-at-home routine, it’s important to have your bases covered when it comes to great places for dates across the city.Frying Pan Right on the Hudson, the Frying Pan is one of the hottest places in the city right now.Once a sunken 1929 lightship, the Pan has been resurrected into one of the West Side's more exciting dive bars.We've broken down the very best options, based on what date you're on.

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Clearly which band you’re seeing matters the most, but the venue definitely factors in as well; you wouldn’t want to take a date to a show at the antiseptic Barclays Center, but you definitely want to take them to the Bowery Ballroom.And not all restaurants are ideal for every date situation, and everyone's tastes -- and comfort levels -- are different.Maybe you want a sit-down place with flattering lighting, or maybe you'd prefer a festive taco spot that offers some distraction should things go south.While the city and its suburbs have a lot of great places to offer during the day, the best part about NYC is just how much more fun things become once the lights go out.Here are New York City's most romantic summer date spots, whether you're on your first date or your thirtieth.1.