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The little girl can barely walk or talk and is also prone to seizures.Her 33-year-old mother, Fahimeh Kashkool, said her daughter was likely to go blind if barred from entering the country for her treatment.For Nazanin Zinour, the US had been her home for seven years. Even though I didn't want to leave my family, I quickly booked a ticket to get on the next flight back.Until now when life took an unexpected turn following President Donald Trump's immigration order banning Muslims from seven countries, including Iran. Only a few hours after the order was signed, I got to the airport, got on a plane and made it to Dubai.For years, the young girl had been traveling to the United States to see her mother and get advanced medical treatment, including a previous surgery in San Diego, for the extremely rare condition that took several years to even be diagnosed.

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Nerdy bitches looking shy but fully slutty when faced with dealing extra massive cocks between their lips.However, she now stands deported following Trump's Muslim ban. No one warned me when I was leaving, no one cared what will happen to my dog or my job or my life there.Zinour was visiting her parents in Iran at the time when rumours started floating that Trump might sign the order. I was worried about my little puppy but I couldn't wait to see my mom... I made him home on Monday 1/22/17, after around 28 hours, exhausted but so so happy. I was going to eat lots of delicious Persian food and make tons of great memories and go back to my life in the US. On Wednesday, we started hearing rumors about new executive orders that will change immigration rules for some countries including Iran. No one told me what I should do with my car that is still parked at the airport parking. Cock sucking nerdy babes ready for the full action in the best collection of such amazing niche.Oiled ass beauties with fantastic forms, fucking and sucking for hours in mind blowing adult scenes.