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"Bad Faith" is the penultimate episode of the Suits summer finale, which means there are definitely some twists and turns running throughout the episode.It has to simultaneously tie up some loose ends while throwing more drama into the mix and the show is doing a good job.Dana was recently a Senior Partner at Pearson Specter and was also in a relationship with Harvey.

Jessica (Gina Torres) is skeptical when Harvey (Macht) brings Zoe in to work a difficult case and is afraid his past history with her may cloud his judgment.

is best known for his role as Harvey Specter on USA Network's "." And while Macht's portrayal of the smart and stylish lawyer seems very effortless, the 43-year-old actor is far different from the character he plays on the legal drama.

To find out some of those differences and to learn more about Macht, here are fifteen things that you probably didn't know about the New York-born thespian.

Second, and on a more personal level, Rachel revealed to Mike that she got into Stanford and she’s considering going.

Tonight’s finale, “Stay,” jumps right back into the action.