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We have obtained bank authorisations to receive funds from Iran.

In this way, we have overcome the biggest obstacle to working with Iran i.e. Blackstone Solicitors is well-regarded for vigorously representing the Iranian community.

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Depending on whom you listen to, Amiri was either a defecting spy for the United States or a double agent for Iran. Stuxnet was reportedly developed by the United States and Israel.

The enmity between the two countries briefly played out over this one man. It was a turbulent period for Iran politically, too.

A missing Iranian nuclear scientist, who has sought refuge at a Pakistani embassy office in Washington and who Iran claims was abducted, is free to return to his homeland, the U. An Iranian nuclear scientist who had disappeared in Saudi Arabia last summer stepped out of a cab in front of Iran's diplomatic mission in Washington on Monday, asking for a ticket back to his homeland.

He worked on nuclear-radiation levels and medical isotopes at Malek Ashtar University, which had close ties to the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

After his disappearance, Amiri was not seen for a year.

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