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More specifically, it focusses on two questions: how are the epistemological approaches adopted in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, cyborg technologies and robotics, going to impact the futures of gender?

And vice versa, how and to what extent do gender and the intersectional differences characterizing the human species inform such developments?

In family photos, Mazurenko roller-skates, sails a boat, and climbs trees.

Average in height, with a mop of chestnut hair, he is almost always smiling.

As a teen he sought out adventure: he participated in political demonstrations against the ruling party and, at 16, started traveling abroad.

He first traveled to New Mexico, where he spent a year on an exchange program, and then to Dublin, where he studied computer science and became fascinated with the latest Western European art, fashion, music, and design.

By the time Mazurenko finished college and moved back to Moscow in 2007, Russia had become newly prosperous.

The country tentatively embraced the wider world, fostering a new generation of cosmopolitan urbanites.

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The dream of mobile 3D printing arose from an annual Siemens competition that asks company researchers to propose and vote on technological innovation projects. But Siemens does not necessarily plan on turning the spider robots into a commercial product at the end of the project.

A lot of people seem to play the game of ‘breaking in’ new things.

I think it is basic human nature to wonder how sex would be with or if… It’s like which is more fun peanut butter, Nutella, or chocolate syrup? So, the question has to have run through some minds regarding how sex would be with the Oculus Rift.

When I first thought of it I guessed people would be dodging when Tango Lolas went by. A company in Irvine, California named Sinful Robot is developing a ‘sex’ game for the Oculus Rift: Sinful Robot is hiring people and moving ahead in developing an erotic game that will have as its basic quest as sexual gratification. I came across Gaga Gracious’ blog where she wrote: Extreme Adult Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift & Opensim.

She points out some of the problems with sex in Open Sim and Second Life™, like wondering if that hot chick is also a real life chick.