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Instead, Pay Pal says it gives organizations six months to make an account, after which the company "may reassign their funds to another charitable organization."SEE MORE: Pay Pal Scraps Plans For New N. Office Due To Anti-LGBT Law Pay Pal also says it contacts charities at regular intervals during the six-month waiting period, but the lawsuit claims that in some cases, donors and charities were left in the dark about where their money was going.

Terry Kass, who prompted the lawsuit, said that 10 of the 13 charities she donated to through Pay Pal don't have a record of her contributions. They are entitled to the money."Pay Pal said in a statement to Mic that none of the money from its recent holiday charity campaign, which is when the donations at the center of the lawsuit were made, has been redirected yet.

Please note that if your bank tells you that they’ve put the declined payment through, you would still need to wait 15 minutes and try your payment again, because they cannot approve a previously declined payment.

You may also want to try a different credit card that allows international payments.

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Pay Pal says users funneled .3 billion in charitable contributions through its digital payment service last year.

But some of that money might not have made it to where it was supposed to go, according to a class-action lawsuit recently filed against the service.

The Department of Homeland and Security and FBI were both investigating Friday’s attack, reported.

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