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Features such as chat, dcc file transfers, multiple server connections and an all channel overview.

Key features include; multiple connections, automatic command/syntax/nick completion, spell check, script and plugin support, DCC chat and file transfer, configurable colors and background pictures, and much more.Aside from being portable, X-x Chat offers two additional features not found in most other IRC Chat Clients; colored nicknames and alignment by text as opposed to alignment by nicks. Learn More about this Portable Application 0irc is the smallest known (IRC) Internet Relay Chat client in the world for windows.Not only does it have a small footprint, but also contains a small set of necessary features. They have shown me that there are a large number of women who, through no fault of their own, are stuck in a loveless or at least a sexless life and that they are expected to endure it because of their ages or 'position' in life.I am well aware that size isn't everything, but, you can learn the rest of the requirements!