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You need to meet a number of requirements to have your credit card application approved.

This also means that there are many reasons why your application might be rejected by a lender.

A bad in-app notification can make your user leave your product quicker than you can say “spam.” A good one can give your user real value and build habitual product usage.

Now that you know the most common reasons credit card applications are declined, you'll be able to avoid those issues next time you apply for a credit card.

We have published numerous case studies regarding user behavior while shopping online.

Sometimes, it’s the color of the checkout button that makes the big difference and sometimes it’s A/B testing checkout process that helps our clients make more money.

We at Kings Isle Entertainment take your privacy and safety very seriously.

Below are rules, guidelines and discussion points about how to keep safe online, whether you're making a purchase, playing the game, interacting with others, or just surfing the net.