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In the absence of IRL interaction, the anthropological cues that help women determine the safety and desirability of a potential partner are eliminated.Originally posted to You Tube on Valentine’s Day, coinciding with the movie’s release: FEARLESS kicks off our “Becoming FEARLESS” podcast discussing “Fifty Shades of Grey” with real-life BDSM professional dom, Master Arcane (Crow Academy.com, Arcane Advice.com) Arcane teaches men & women his style and school of BDSM play all over the world.Arcane talks with us about the dangers as well as the positives of “50 Shades of Grey” in relation to real-life BDSM, the BDSM world as seen from the inside – on the other side of the looking glass – and how to experiment and get involved in safe and healthy ways.Watch Part 2 Join the FEARLESS Community on facebook Subscribe to FEARLESS on You Tube Follow @Brian Fearless on twitter See description on You Tube for clickable table of contents that automatically cues video to these segments -The dangers of the books and movie, and experimenting with BDSM after reading/watching them () -Arcane’s background in BDSM, and how it started with role-play as a young child () -How BDSM embodies polarization and tension that is missing from many relationships today; why it makes men and women involved feel alive and empowered () -Getting started, the different ways to play, and types of BDSM relationships () -The 24/7 Master/Slave or Mistress/Slave relationship and a big misconception () -Being a “slave”: Alice in Wonderland’s “Looking Glass” and how mainstream society’s conceptions about that term and BDSM are very uninformed; why being a “slave” is a highly held position in BDSM () -Respect in a 24/7 dom/sub relationship and the realties of daily life (, ) -“Safe, Sane, and Consensual” (SSC): safety, sanity and respect, and consent () -Limits: “Hard Limits” and “Soft Limits” () -Why communication is the “Holy Grail” of BDSM and how it goes deeper than than non-BDSM life (, ) -Scientifically why BDSM is awesome foreplay and why you’ve likely already engaged in some (, ) -Spiritual connection and love in BDSM relationships () -Consciousness, deep connection, and safety between partners in all relationships and sex (, ) -How BDSM can enhance people’s awareness of tension and energy in others () -Role-playing: Experimenting with BDSM () -Why responsibility is the most important aspect of being a Dom and how that’s problematic in “Fifty Shades” () -How “Fifty Shades” opened up BDSM and talking about it to more people than ever before () Resources The Crow Academy – Master Arcane’s school and style of BDSM Arcane – Free lessons from Master Arcane “Igniting the Fire: The Art of Romantic Submission (The Crow Academy Book 1)” ebook I lost my dad and younger brother within three years of each other and the double loss was devastating.