Facetime hookup

And bringing a little humor and levity to the situation can do wonders.So take a cue from these eight women who bravely relived—and laughed about—some of their most awkward, embarrassing, and hilarious hookup moments.

Trust me, I'm in one and, if you're a Millennial, there's an increasing likelihood you are (or will be) too.

Skype, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2011, is a free Vo IP application with paid extra features.

Free features include instant messaging, video chatting, audio conferencing, screen sharing and file sharing.

On the cusp of adulthood, the majority of today's high school graduates leave home for college, where we build relationships - romantic or otherwise - with our peers from unfamiliar places.

As upperclassmen, an increasing number "take breaks" from college boyfriends or girlfriends to study abroad.